Package 1:

Signature Program


Package includes :

  • After a 30 minute introductory consultation, we start with a 2 hour Closet cleanse, and begin the Edit phase. It is during this process that we collaborate together to separate your workable wardrobe pieces from those that no longer fit into your sexy, confident, comfortable image.


  • We will form a “Wish List” for our upcoming shopping trip, which will also include looks for the coming seasons.  And don’t worry about the clothes and jewelry that has already served you well, and now need to move on to their new home.  There are several options for them including, Designer sell backs, consignment boutiques, resellers, and even donations to worthy charities for those women who are just beginning their journey to their better selves. Everyone wins!


  • It’s a new day toward a “better you” and we’re going shopping. For the next 2 hours, all of your items will be pre-pulled and set aside for your comfort and ease in a hip, friendly environment, providing you with the ultimate shopping experience.


  • Finally, it time for STYLE! During this 2 hour session, we will integrate all of your new pieces with your existing ones in order to build your perfect wardrobe. We will put together looks for every phase of your day: from Comfortable Chic to Confident Professional to Sexy Couture.  And it’s all you, only better!


Stylist Recommendations: These are customized by Heather Rae Mitchell to address your total wellness needs including Beauty services, Fitness packages, Nutrition consultations, Massage sessions, Wellness coaches, etc…

I’ll show you how!

Package 2:

Closet Cleanse

(Including Evaluation and Edits)

It’s another morning and your day is packed.  You’re staring at a full closet.  And you’re thinking, “I don’t have a thing to wear!”  You need a new and fresh set of eyes on your closet.  With this package, you will be amazed When Heather Rae Mitchell, with her pulse on the latest trends, will breathe new life into your wardrobe as she expertly guides you through sorting out the old, and focusing on those pieces that can be paired with new ones to show you setting the trends, instead of chasing them.  She’ll be combining your existing pieces with others you already have in new and fresh ways you never even considered before.  And she’ll help you out of your comfort zone (aka rut) right into the hottest, latest, sexiest looks.

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Package 3:

Style Book

(several sizes to choose from)

So you just spent 2 or more exciting hours with Heather Rae Mitchell in your closet, and you were amazed at all the new options you never even considered before.  But she’s going home now, and you’re not sure you can remember every exciting new thing she just shared with you.  No worries!  She and her assistant will photograph each and every piece in your closet.  Then, it’s back to her studio with all the photos to build you your own customized Style Book to remind you of everything you just experienced.  No more guessing or trying to remember every combo, because it’s all in your fabulous new Style Book.

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Package 4:

Style Book

Monthly Updates

Wish you could have Heather Rae Mitchell with you all the time?  Now you can with these monthly updates to add to your Style Book. This is really great because it allows you to stay in touch in between sessions.  It allows her to see which styles are working for your lifestyle, while keeping you on the cutting edge with her regular style updates.  And it allows her to always be on the lookout for that perfect addition to your sexy and chic wardrobe.  This also allows you to spread out those shopping days throughout the year ensuring access to the very latest trends every single season.

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Package 5:

Seasonal Shopping Trip

 add Styling

We all know there are four seasons in a year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  But fashion doesn’t stop there just because the season does.  Heather Rae Mitchell strongly believes in the Transitional Wardrobe as well.  “I love playing with layers, colors, and textures to build dimensions into existing looks.”  The Seasonal Shopping Trip is where you start playing with trends. And boutiques are where those exclusive pieces can be found to add to your existing wardrobe foundation.

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Package 6:

Traveling in Style

If your job has you on the move, you enjoy the Jet Setter lifestyle, or you are frequently commuting between homes, take advantage of this necessary package. After years of world travel, Heather Rae Mitchell will show you how to minimize your stress by minimizing your packing.  Less packing doesn’t mean less style.  She will show you the right way to pack, and how to make those few important pieces go a longer way.

I’ll show you how!

Package 7:

Transitional Shopping Trip

Customized program

Have you ever worked your way through your closet looking for something to wear, and nothing fits?  Who hasn’t? You look in the mirror, and you know it’s time for a change.  You’re in transition.  We have all experienced times in our lives when we weren’t where we wanted to be.  It’s time to make a plan.  Heather Rae Mitchell calls this, “DRESSING FOR THE LIFE YOU WANT”. Beauty comes in all sizes.  This package is for working your plan to maximize your beauty potential now, while working your way to the size you want to be. The shopping focuses on using accessories, i.e., bags, shoes, jewelry etc. to make your fashion statement.  Once goals are achieved, we move on to adding those investment pieces and continue your style story. We don’t stop there.  Heather Rae Mitchell customizes this package to include teaming up with Fitness and Nutritional specialists, Hair designers, etc. for your total beauty and wellness.  You don’t have to do this alone. HRM Lifestyles will be with you every step of the way.

I’ll show you how!