When it’s fitness you’re going for, it’s time to go custom:  Your In-Home Personal Fitness Specialist will design your own customized work-out plan, and monitor your progress as you work together to reach your goal. For results that last, HRM recommends a 90 day commitment. It’s time to make this your priority.


Custom Training rates:

$130 (1 session)
$780 (6 sessions)
$1,500 (12 sessions)
$2,880 (24 sessions)
$5,520 (48 sessions)


Training rates when bundled with Styling or Beauty Packages:

$125 (1 session)
$750 (6 Sessions)
$1,440 (12 Sessions)
$2,760 (24 sessions)
$5,280 (48 sessions)



When lower impact fitness is your priority, HRM highly recommends Pilates as an outstanding alternative.  With a wide variety in the styles of workouts available, HRM will arrange private sessions with the Pilates Instructor who will custom design your program, providing you with important protection for your joints, as well as the ultimate in stress relief.



What is the use of trying to look your best on the outside if you are ignoring your health on the inside?  Maybe that worked in our teens.  But we’re in this for the long haul.  And your Total Wellness is absolutely necessary to achieve Total Beauty. So, along with your custom exercise package, attention to nutrition should be your priority as well.