How To Wear 1 Statement Sweater 3 Different Ways




1.) Denim Style: This is such a universal term. Denim can be skinny, casual, or dressy. As a stylist, I love pairing an elegant tailored sweater with an edgy boyfriend jean. This is a good way to show your personality; Sweet with a little twist! If you prefer a fitted skinny jean, make sure the sweater is slightly longer than where the waistband hits on your waist. This helps keep your body proportionate and is the most flattering for your shape.

2.) Skirt Style: The standard go to for office wear is a simple sweater and skirt combination. Fit is always an important factor in any fashion style. Find a sweater or a skirt that is properly fitted by noticing if the length of the sweater or skirt is not too long or too short. This can potentially cut off your body at a weird point which causes an unflattering style for your body shape. Our goal when getting dressed is to elongate our body and show off our strongest features.

3.) Wide Leg Trouser Style: This is a fun yet very classic style. A chic sweater with a wide leg pant with pleating at the waist can be worn to an evening affair as well as a special work presentation. The wide leg trouser adds a different alternative by tucking the sweater in and pairing it with a belt. This option gives something special and a different sweater style.

At HRM our goal is to find the style that fits into your lifestyle by helping you dress for the life you want. This is done by a special program: Sort, Shop and Style. Together we’ll work to clean out and shape up the items in your wardrobe. You’ll learn how to shop constructively and then understand how to style and put your best foot forward everyday.


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